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Bob Carr of Australia's Protocols of Zion Paranoia

The following article is highly toxic and odorous due to the rabbinic language it contains. Reader's discretion is advised.

Following the publication of his book Diary of a Foreign Minister in April, Bob Carr has become the subject of an intense and ongoing chastisement of the various branches of Australian Jewry. Wrath, derision and rebuke came down on him from major Jewish organisations;
The Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council
Betar Zionist youth movement
Executive Council of Australian Jewry
New South Wales Jewish Board of Disputes

So far the Federal Labor MP Michael Danby has been the leading personality in the campaign against Bob Carr.
Bob Carr (
The sour relationship between Carr and the Jewry went down to a new level when Carr expressed his patronage for the Labor Friends of Palestine and unleashed a new tsunami of truth against the usurping Jewish entity in his address  to the Australian Friends of Palestine in Adelaide on 7th November. This is a passage from his speech:

"In 1977 when we launched the Labor Friends of Israel we knew, to our disgrace, none of their narrative. Now Israeli historians – this is a measure of Israel's openness – have gone to the archive of their army to tell the full story of how massacres were used during the foundation of Israel in 1948 to drive out 700,000 Palestinians. The credibility of historian Benny Morris is confirmed when he declares he agreed with the policy and thinks David Ben-Gurion should have gone further until there were no Palestinians left". (Why I'm now a friend of Palestine rather than Israel? THE AUSTRALIAN, 8 November 2014).
Being constantly monitored by the Jewry and their lackeys, Carr's speech caused instantaneous waves of Jewish hysteria emission and anger eruption.

Apparently the news of Carr's apostasy has very soon reached the shores of the USA. I realised this when I came across the article 'Bob Carr of Australia's Protocols of Zion Paranoia' written by the highly publicised celebrity Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.
From left to right: Celebrity Rabbi Shmuley Botheach. The Pope of Holocaustianity Elie Wiesel. The American Jewry’s Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power
Of course there was no excitement. However I find it a good opportunity to bring it before my respected readers as a fantastic example of rabbinic literature (Diarrhoea) so the readers take notice of this type of literature and immune themselves against it. As you will see; the rabbinic literature apart from being empty of any intellectual value is highly poisonous, contagious and unpleasant.

Therefore, dear readers; "be on your guard against such damnable people whom God has permitted to sink into such profound abominations and lies, for all they do and say must be sheer lying, blasphemy, and malice, however fine it may look".  Martin Luther, Jews and Their Lies.
Please be aware that the highlighted texts is the release of the abovementioned Rabbi

Bob Carr of Australia's Protocols of Zion Paranoia
By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Facebook page,10 Nov 2014. Also published on Jewish Down Under News site.

As an American who is married to an Australian, whose children are Australian citizens, and who visits this beautiful country annually, I care deeply when the decency of Australia is maligned by the likes of Bob Carr. His vicious assault on Israel demands a response.

This is how Rabbis commence their speeches or writings;  by flattery and exaltation they try to win the  trust  of  their  prey.      They are so clever not to display their  real   intentions  within  the first few sentences. They praise you while showing you their fake smiles.   

Now that they appear to you as friends they feel safe to inject their venom.    By sweet talk and innocent  smiles they  feed you  their  deadly toxin  as though  they are feeding you  honey  and sweets.

They feed you their lies until they empty their bowls unto your face and mind. And all the way they are fully aware of their despicable conduct and the damage it will leave in the minds and hearts of those who are exposed to their radiations and influence. “Their accursed rabbis, who in deed know better, want only poison the minds of their poor youth and of the common man and divert them from the truth”. (Martin Luther, Jews and Their Lies).

In April of this year Carr made his bid for continued relevance by signing on to a version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in a bizarre claim that Melbourne’s Jewish lobby controls Australia’s Middle East foreign policy.

The Jew here poses as a poor innocent thing that has been singled out with the bizarre accusation of the Jewish lobby and its influence on Australian Middle Eastern policy. As though the American Rabbi has no idea about the Jewish lobbying! He has never heard of such thing at all to the point that Carr's statement sounds so ‘bizarre’ to him!

It is not true at all that Australian politicians are in a race against each other to prove their commitment and loyalty to the cause of Zion. They miss no opportunity to pay tribute to the Zionist lobby.

Julia Gillard at Zionist Council of Victoria

To be sure, a distressed former political figure scapegoating the Jews with claims of Jewish control of governments to get into the news is nothing new. And it usually works. Carr’s book, Diary of a Foreign Minister which, like himself, would have been relegated to obscurity, sold a couple more copies through the press coverage he received with his claims of a Jewish conspiracy. Still, it’s sad to see a once-influential man reduced to crude anti-Semitism to remain relevant.

The Jewish influence is a conspiracy just like the Protocol of Elders of Zion!
Bob Carr is desperate for publicity to sell a few copies of his book! After spending about 40 years in the political arena and for the most part of his political life he were a fervent lover of Zion and friend of Israel. Indeed he was an influential man but now that he ceased to worship the Chosenites he resorts to anti-Semitism to remain relevant. So believes the Rabbi.

But not content to impugn the Jews of Melbourne with the scandalous charge of dual loyalty, Carr has just come out with his newest allegation. Israel is an apartheid state committed to disenfranchising the Palestinians, as evidenced by their expansion of settlements. It is for this reason, Carr claims, that he is turning on Israel and becoming a supporter of Palestine instead.
Israel is an apartheid state! What a scandalous allegation! What a blasphemy?! This is worse than taking the Lord’s name in vain. Lord forbids.

The shrinking map of Palestine

The photos are probably from Sweden or Mexico. They are absolutely not from Israel. Or An anti-Semite has faked them.

In this too Carr is wholly unoriginal. If you’re going to savage the Jewish state surely you can do so by saying something novel? But is this all we get, the over-roasted chestnut of Israel as pre-Mandela South Africa?

But in his obsession with Jewish world domination there are things that Carr omits.

He omits the fact that the land ceded by Israel to the Palestinians in peace deals has been transformed every time into terrorist enclaves. He omits the fact that Hamas is a genocidal organization committed in its charter to Israel’s destruction and the murder of Jews worldwide.

He omits the fact that the Palestinian Authority is now a dictatorship run by Mahmoud Abbas who has not gone to elections in more than a decade. He omits the fact that Abbas runs a kleptocracy enriching his sons Tarik and Yasser who illegally control the construction and cigarette trade, among other lucrative industries. He omits the fact that Nelson Mandela was a true apostle of peace who languished in jail for 27 years while Yasser Arafat is the father of international terrorism who made his name by blowing up children. He omits the fact that Arab citizens of Israel enjoy more rights than Arabs anywhere in the Middle East. In his charges of Jewish racism he omits the fact that Arabs serve at the highest levels of Israeli officialdom, including the Supreme Court, something unthinkable in an apartheid regime. He omits the fact that Israeli hospitals treated Abbas’ wife and the daughter of the current Hamas leader. He omits the fact that the single greatest threat to world civilization today is not the Jews and the puny State of Israel but radical Islamic terrorism which is producing monsters like ISIS, Hamas, and Boko Haram.
Oh, were it so, Bob, that Australia’s biggest worry was Melbourne’s Jews, a community famous for its philanthropy, civic responsibilities, and patriotism.

All this Carr omits as he assails the Jews as apartheid racists. And in so doing Carr not only shows his cards but offends the brave black population of South Africa who are models of reconciliation and forgiveness.

At this stage the ‘learned’ Rabbi releases a very big load of venom from his mouth containing Jewish undigested hysteria, narcissism, sophistry, distraction and Rabbi****.

He acts very well. Acting is a skill the Jews master from their early childhood. He plays the role of a blessed ignorant. He talks about the land ceded by Israel to the Palestinians?!?

“Not one refugee will be allowed back and no single inch of land will be returned.”David Ben-Gurion (Page 19 Ben-Gurion's Scandals, Naeim Giladi. 2004 Internet Edition)

Hamas is a militant organisation dedicated to liberation of Palestine from the Yiddish pestilence. The murder of the Jews worldwide is the concoction of your ill mind not the charter of Hamas. Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups did not go to the ghetto and slums of Eastern Europe to fight the Jews. It is the Jews who landed on Palestine.
Playing the Black card whenever the Jew runs out of logic is their habit. As though the Jews are so much in love with the blacks and Mandela? Really Rabbi?!

French Comedian Dieudonné displaying a must read book: 'The Secret Selationship Between Blacks and Jews' exposed the Jewish role in transatlantic slave trade.

Here is the rabbinical outlook on black: Maimonides, a philosopher who's 'Guide to the Perplexed' is considered to be the greatest work of Jewish religious philosophy. Not surprisingly, in addition to his attitude towards non-Jews generally and Christians in particular, Maimonides was also an anti-Black racist. Towards the end of the Guide, in a crucial chapter (book III, chapter 51) he discusses how various sections of humanity can attain the supreme religious value, the true worship of God. Among those who are incapable of even approaching this are:
"Some of the Turks [i.e., the Mongol race] and the nomads in the North, and the Blacks and the nomads in the South, and those who resemble them in our climates. And their nature is like the nature of mute animals, and according to my opinion they are not on the level of human beings, and their level among existing things is below that of a man and above that of a monkey, because they have the image and the resemblance of a man more than a monkey does." Israel Shahak. (Page 24, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, The Weight of Three Thousand Years. 2005 Internet Edition).

Mandela's opinion on the Palestinian cause is known to the whole world; "Arafat is a comrade in arm". (Ted Koppel's interview with Nelson Mandela in 1990 on ABC News).

Destruction of Gazza by the Puny State of Israel???
Palestinian woman and Children as first class citizens of Israel? How lucky?

I can imagine the pain in Shmuley’s belly when he talks about the threat to the world civilisation equating Hamas and ISIS. The American Rabbi never heard that Boko Haram is a code word for United State African Command, Nor he is aware that ISIS and all of its subsidiaries are the manufacture of Israel and its collaborate states in Middle East as well as the USA. Does anyone expect a Rabbi to know better!?

Martin Van Creveld

"Most European capitals are targets for our air force ... we have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under" Israeli military strategist Martin V. Creveld . (The War Games, The Observer (UK), 20 September 2003).
Sorry, Mr. Carr, but the Jews are the indigenous people of Israel. It is not I who says it but your own Christian Bible.
 Read the New Testament and try and find mention of a single Arab resident of ancient Israel. The Jews were the land’s inhabitants and they were displaced by a European colonial occupier named Rome. They were forcibly removed from their land and displaced for 2000 years, while a small remnant always remained.
The Jews prayed thrice daily to return to their land. And when finally granted the political opportunity, they came and drained the swamps, irrigated the sands and made the land so much more inhabitable for Arab brethren that had migrated in the interim.
The Jews were happy to share the land but it was a sentiment that was sadly rejected by the Arabs. They rejected the 1936 Peel Commission Partition. The rejected the 1947 UN partition plan. They rejected Israel’s offers to return all conquered 1967 lands with their famous three “No’s” in Khartoum: No peace, No recognition, No negotiation. And they turned the Oslo peace accords – which granted Arafat political autonomy over 95% of the Palestinian population – into a murder-fest by launching a never-ending terror war against Israel’s buses, schools, and cafes.
One more big load of filth spouted from the Rabbi's mouth:
Everyone knows Israel is not a European colonial occupier? Israel is full of African and Peruvian settlers which are very peaceful and hospitable.

Britain which occupied Palestine and signed it out to the Red Indians by the Balfour Declaration was not a European power. Britain is a small country in the Caribbean region with no significance at all. The British are only involved in charity. James Balfour was an aboriginal from New Guinea.

The Pale of Settlement; the natural habitat of Caucasian Jews

And finally the poor Jews came back to Palestine which its real name is Eretz Israel, and by the help of praying they turned the desert into the land of honey and milk, all of a sudden the Arabs who are the natives of Russia landed on the poor Jews swinging machetes. However the poor Jews who are the natives to Palestine welcomed them and turned their right chicks as a sign of peacefulness and non-violence. One of the prominent Jewish scholars who had the opportunity to witness these events by his own eyes recounts the Arab invasion of Eretz Israel:
"From abroad, we are accustomed to believe that Eretz Israel is presently almost totally desolate, an uncultivated desert, and that anyone wishing to buy land there can come and buy all he wants. But in truth it is not so. In the entire land it is difficult to find tillable land that is not already tilled,…"

"...From abroad we are accustomed to believing that the Arabs are desert savages, like donkeys who neither see nor understand what goes on around them. But this is a big mistake. The Arab like all children of Shem, has a sharp intellect and is very cunning. The cities of Syria and Eretz Israel are full of Arab merchants who know how to exploit the public and to proceed furtively with all those with whom they deal...."

"...And what our brethren in Eretz Israel do? .... they walk with the Arabs in hostility and cruelty, unjustly encroaching on them, shamefully beating them for no good reason, and even bragging about what they do". (Asher Zvi Hirsch Ginsberg. May 29 1891. Jaffa. Truth From Eretz Israel. Indiana University Press 2000).
Also the Rabbi wants to remind us of the love that the Jews carry in their hearts for the New Testament, Jesus and Christians. The New Testament is so sacred to the Jews that they refer to it in order to validate themselves.
"You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies". [John 8:44]

The Torah which is the correct words of God makes not reference to the Palestinians whatsoever. The Goyim are not smart enough to check it out for themselves:
"And Abraham stayed in the land of the Philistines for a long time". Genesis [21:44]
Rather than Western statesmen like Carr demanding from the Palestinians to stop the never-ending incitement against the Jews and the promises to push them into the sea, rather than calling out Mahmoud Abbas for his monstrous lies about an Israeli genocide in Gaza, rather than objecting to the rampant assassination of Palestinian gay men by Hamas and the honor killings of innocent women, Carr would defend this barbarity by pointing the finger at the Middle East’s only democracy.
The Rabbi wants us not to be fools. The origin of the Arab-Israeli conflict lies here: The Palestinians don’t like gay men. Also the Jews are very worried about innocent women. That’s all. The Israelis are very much concerned about Children and their welfare too!!! This is actually what the Holy Bible teaches:

"How blessed will be the one who seizes and dashes your little ones against the rock." (Psalm 137:9).
Rabbi Noam Perel is actually a Christian Monk. He only poses as a Jew to defame them.
Shmuley wants us to know that: Rabbi Noam Perel, secretary-general of world youth movement, who urged Israel to turn IDF into an army of avengers, ‘which will not stop at 300 Philistine foreskins’ is not a Jew at all.!
Australians are some of the warmest, tolerant, and peace-loving people on earth. Australia is a model of social harmony and ethnic integration. Australia took in scores of holocaust survivors who fled Hitler’s ovens after World War II. Australians love and support Israel. I know that they will reject pathetic attempts at Jewish character assassination leveled by desperate former politicos like Bob Carr. The end
Just the way he commenced the letter he closes it by serving his toxics in a very well dressed dish of honey and delights. To revitalise the Australians appetite, he also adds a bit of holocaust flavour to his recipe. Hitler's ovens are indeed one of the most popular flavours that Australians like so much. That is why Australian Goyim and Shiksas love and support Israel. So writes Shmuley. In his assessment of Australian attitudes to Israel he is satisfied that Bob Carr is such a desperate former politico!!!
And to conclude this post, I have to disappoint my respected readers who were made to believe that the repentance of Bob Carr from serving Zion has opened a new page in Australian political history.  My dear comrades; the magnetic relationship between Australia and Israel is stronger than you have presumed. To those I have to say: Happy Chanukah.

Chanukah NSW Parliament 2014

Jeremy Spinak the President of NSW Jewish Board of Disputes and Premier Mike Baird

Premier of NSW Mike Baird

The lover of Zion Fred Nile is very excited

Sharia law will be imposed on Australia very soon!